earn interest.
safe & secure.

Compound Ada through non-custodial delegation.

We Love Cardano

At first, I was sceptical about the hype around cryptocurrency. After listening to Charles Hoskinson and learning more, I got convinced and became a part of this exciting community.

My name is Nhi and I work as accountant and run the YT channel ‘Confused Avocado’.
My partner Frank is computer scientist. His experienced company ‘Numic’ supports me with running the pool.

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Safe Haven For You

We know the importance of security and take every step so you can delegate safely. In no case would you ever lose any Ada: Because our pool is non-custodial, we guarantee your Cardano will not leave your wallet during staking. You stay in control AND earn interest. 

Our low fees paired with the performance of one of Europe’s best non-AWS datacenters create more rewards for you! 

You can get a Bonus

Delegate to Pool Easily

Firstly, get the Yoroi, Daedalus or AdaLite wallet. Create a new wallet and send ADA from an exchange to it.

Now, in your wallet, click on ‘Delegation’ and find our pool by searching for AVOC. Click ‘Delegate’. You receive rewards as from the end of the next epoch, typically after 10 days.

Tutorial for every wallet


Calculate your Income

Calculate and compare your interest using the slider. See your projected earnings net of fees in ADA. The expected annual yield is shown as a gross percentage and is calculated dynamically reflecting network variations. 


Win 100₳ just by joining

The winner will be drawn from our stake addresses with 2000₳ or more.
The prize will go directly into their account at the end of the month.
Last month we paid out 230₳ bonuses and 100,000 Pigy token.


Operated by Numic

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Numic is a quantitative investment management company trading in global financial markets. We translate investment ideas into automated trading strategies.
Our programs produce exceptional returns for our investors by strictly adhering to mathematical and statistical methods.
We profit from 15 years of experience to generate consistent risk-adjusted performance.

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Celebrate 2 million users and win a Lambo with CoinSpot https://www.coinspot.com.au/2-million-customers #WenLambo #CoinSpotLambo

Celebrations today as we minted our fifth block and pay rewards to stakers!😄

Cardano differs from its bigger cousins because transactions are verified using “proof of stake,” which rewards ownership, rather than “proof of work,” which rewards effort. The former uses much less energy.

👨‍🌾 New 1 Minted Block

⛏ Blocks in Epoch (281): 1
🗓 Estimated Blocks in Whole Epoch: 0.25
🎁 Luck on pool's side: 🎉400% performance

🧱 Total Blocks: 4

We're 100 to 1000x more environment friendly than the big PoW chains! How far can you go with the energy of one transaction... #Cardano #ADA #sustainablefinance

👨‍🌾 New 1 Minted Block

⛏ Blocks in Epoch (277): 1
🗓 Estimated Blocks in Whole Epoch: 0.2
🎁 Luck on pool's side: 🎉500% performance

🧱 Total Blocks: 3

ADA price eyes 22% advance #Cardano

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